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Federispitz Tramp (5-6 June 2010)

We started as a team of 6 from Schaenis (418m asl) and tramped up to Federispitz (1865m asl).
It provided an excellent view over the low lands on one side and glimpses of the higher mountains of the Alps.

Traverse during the ascent.

Start of the ridge line towards the summit.

Zby approaching the ridge.

The lowlands (looking towards Zurich)

The team on the ridge.

Desiree makes a dash for the summit

Zby on the ridge with the Glarner Alps in the background.

Looking towards the Mattstock.

Desiree and me on the summit.

Looking eastwards with the Walensee at the bottom of the valley.

Enjoying the view over Walensee.

After a team split, Desiree, Zbynek, Andreas and myself continued along some rather rarely traveled route towards Untere Chaesere where we spotted a pretty good bivvy ground, although heavily populated by slugs! It was the first time Desiree and Zby used their new tarp, an almost identical twin of mine, just a bit lighter in colour.

Zby cooling down ...

Tarping ...

Preparing dinner.

Our camp in the morning.


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