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Kandersteg - Muerren Tramp 10-12th July 2010

Day 1

The first day of our trip started with a via ferrata near Kandersteg:

Andreas on the first ladder of many more to come ...

On the flying fox.

Quite a good adventure, even if one is doing it for the third time already ;-)
The via ferrata was followed by a tramp towards Oeschinensee, very sweaty ascent due to the high humidity.

Alpine Choughs trying to balance on their perches in gusty wind.

The Oeschinensee with an approaching storm.

Soon after reaching the Oeschinensee, some drops started to fall and quickly a full thunderstorm developed. We kept however tramping on till we reached the small glacial lake we had targeted as the first camp site.

Camp at the nameless glacial lake, glacier tongue of the Bluemlisalp Glacier is visible in the background.

Some more rain set in after the tarp was set up and we were soon to discover that part of the tarp got flooded. As the rain ceased we swarmed out and enthusiastically started digging a ditch to reclaim our habitable space.
There was some more rain during the night, which was however no further bother and the next day dawned quite bright.

Day 2

Breakfast and trip planning on day 2.

Some good rock and scree scrambling brought us back to the track and via the standard mountain path up to our first pass: Hohtuerli (2778m).
From there we descended and then traversed toward the Gamchi Glacier, which was mostly a rocky wasteland.

Glacier mouth.

Looking out of the glacier mouth.

Traversing towards Sefinenfurggen.

Sefinenfurggen Pass (2612m).

The daily weather pattern brought again some afternoon showers and George got a full blast as he lagged a bit behind, however, we had already set up the tarp by the time the rain started and soon we had a cosy teatime while more showers moved in.

Tea and Birthday cake in Camp 2.

Splendidly wild scenery beyond the tarp entrance.

Salamandra atra - they just love the rain!

There was even sunshine after rain, and we figured out that the mountains visible from camp 2 were the famous Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau!

Camp 2 with Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau in the background.

Dinner preparations.

Last light of the day on the snowy peaks.


Day 3

We pored over the map after breaky and figured that we might tramp up to Schilthorn, which we eventually did. Sadly enough, George had to leave earlier, but making it possible for us to hand over the via ferrata gear and other surplus stuff.
In this manner, we ascended quickly towards Rote Haerd. On route I met an elderly Englishman and we had a good yarn. In fact, I was very impressed by his attitude and fitness and we consequently shared the rest of the birthday cake with him!

Between Rote Haerd and Schilthorn.

Approaching the Schilthorn.

Descending towards Stechelberg.

Marcel at a waterfall.

The final descent proved to be very long and exceedingly hot in the lower parts. We were extremely glad to reach the end and stick our feet into a blessfully cold pond!


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