Adventures must be done!

ORIENTARIO-08 (15.-16. March 2008)

ORIENTARIO is one of these rare events where you actually PLAN to do bushbashing. Anina and I had come up with some evil master plan, giving plenty of points along a route: some would give you coordinates, others just a bearing and a distance and some were for the geometry inclined: 'Add 63 anticlock-wise degrees to the previous bearing'.

The route as planned in ArcMap. (Click to see big)

Having worked out the next point, we would set the bearing on our compasses and start tramping towards it. Simple as that. On the way, you might encounter some shrubbery, brambles, just to keeps things interesting.

Marcel and Maggie figuring out the next point.

The team on route to the next point. A clear run for once!

Camping was planned at some sandstone cave I had visited previously already and the final kick of the day was abseiling into the campsite!

Michael at the start of the abseil.

Anina entering the slippery corner, hindered by some intrusive shrub ...

Reto, Micheal and Anina enjoying themselves

Maggie abseiling perpendicular, Andreas having his first abseil ever, Marcel just doing another abseil in his career ;-)

Campfire in front of the caves. Splendid dinner (planned by Maggie, cheers for that) being prepared.

The next day brought some more bushbashing, but I reckon the most interesting encounter we had was when we came upon some hollow in the ground, spotting an indian tipi!

There was some hippie dude living here, and we could hear some country music coming out of the tent!

The end of the trail was a castle above Brittnau, this was however rather disappointing as having been extended by some ugly concrete building, yuck!
Good on all of you who joined this weekend, the organising committee dares to hope that you have mastered your maps and compasses by now! ;-)