Adventures must be done!

Buochserhorn (22. Dec 08)

I had been searching through my outdoor database, looking for some worthwhile snowshoeing trip. Eventually, I discovered an article on a ski tour on the Buochserhorn, Central Switzerland. Surely, such a trip would also be feasible using snowshoes.
Therefore, a sunny morning found Fran and myself ascending towards the summit with the hamlet of Niederrickenbach lying below us.
Our excitement grew as we got nearer to the ridge line and indeed, we were rewarded with a most splendid view!

View over the cornice towards Brunnen with a part of Lake Lucerne in the valley ground.

Soon after we saw the big, silver cross appear that marks the summit (1806.8m asl).

Summit cross

We reached the summit shortly after midday, however, the sun was at a low elevation due to winter time and the shadows of the Buochserhorn and the Nollen were projected down onto the surface of the lake. The view was breathtaking!

View from the summit looking towards Mt Rigi

We had lunch and a bit of a snooze in the brilliant sunshine till the reduced irradiance of the sun and some increasing, chilly breeze forced us to tackle the descent towards the lake.

Descending from the Buochserhorn looking towards Brunnen.

Towering above Brunnen, a village at the lakeside, was the pyramid-shaped 'Grosser Mythen'.

Brunnen with the 'Grosser Mythen' in the background.

The snow conditions on the NE side were less than perfect: some hard top layer through which we would break on every step. Consequently, our progress was rather slow. Thanks to this, we were granted a spectacular sunset when the last rays of the sun illuminated the peaks opposite of the Buochserhorn.

Sunset: sun rays reach the summits through a gap in the clouds.

An excellent trip which can thoroughly be recommended.