Adventures must be done!

Munt Baselgia - 24.05.2010

Monday was a day off, but after yesterday's biking trip I figured that my backside needed a wee bit of a rest!
In preparation for the upcoming flight campaign in the Swiss national park, I decided to head East and check out the mountains around there.
I identified a suitable trail close to Zernez, leading up to Munt Baselgia. From there, a pass could be gained, eventually allowing a circuit. However, that was a matter of the snow level and conditions.
I started tramping uphill and could somewhat feel yesterday's biking. The tree line coincided pretty much with the snow line, typical snow conditions for late spring with big ice crystals that tend to be a bit runny. I often sank in up to my knees and progress was considerably slow. Still, I wanted to get at least to Munt Baselgia, just pure stubborness I figure.
Having arrived there, I had a short break with some munchies, then decided that it was impossible to get savely and in time over the pass; snowshoes would have been good as well as having an earlier start. I therefore headed back down again, cursing the snow that had seemingly lost all weight bearing properties!

Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla)

Me at Munt Baselgia (2682m asl)

View towards Val Mustair

Me with the Pass towards Macun in the background.

The Engadin Valley running SW, with Zernez at the bottom.

Bike and Cache Trip - 23.05.2010

I took the chance of having no particular plans this weekend to go for a mountain bike trip with some caches along the way.
First, I headed North, mainly following the Limmat towards the confluence with the Aare, from there Southward along the Reuss, then crossing two hills to get back to Zurich and enjoy a snag at the lake.
Having arrived home I checked the odometer: 86km and 920m ascent. Not bad really, but my backside was somewhat tender towards the end ;-)

At the Aare.

Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis)

At the Reuss.

Lake of Zurich.